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An Ascii Update

We've had Ascii for two weeks officially today and she's settling in really well. She's a total, complete brat, but an adorable and sweet one. She's just very busy. She will steal anything she can get her mouth on, including: balls of wool, socks, all the stuffed animals in my room (twice), scotch tape, slippers, bottle caps, spools of thread, knitting needles, a couch cushion (RIP), a blanket (recovering nicely) and any and all bones given to her or Shilling. She actually makes a pile of bones and lies on them. She seems to like to steal more than destroy, so most things have survived unscathed and we've gotten her a good collection of proper toys for her to play with. She likes to take them out of the basket and then ignore them. She plays fetch and tug of war and even Shilling is starting to play too. He used to play like that when we first got him but Puzzle's continual disapproval of his lack of dignity wore him down in the end.

Ascii can also jump very high, so we are constantly having to tell her to get off the bench, get off the coffee table, get off the side tables. She gets up on the living room chair, then onto the arm of it and hops off into the bay window to growl at anyone passing by. Fergus, our first Scottie, and Randy, our second Scottie, used to constantly be in the bay window, but Puzzle and Shilling have never done that.

She and Shilling seem to be getting along well enough now. He's very attentive to her - whenever she goes in her crate, he sleeps opposite her on a blanket to keep her company and he sits in the back seat of the car with her when he would normally sit in the front seat whenever possible. She's still a little growly when he tries to get in the chair with her, but she'll get up in the chair with him and that's apparently okay. She also tried to play with him this morning, but she was running around him barking and he cowered in terror because he's a sensitive boy. So, progress is being made.

She's in love with my dad and follows him everywhere. She has him wrapped around her little claw and we have to continually remind him she can't be trusted on her own.

But she's very happy and entertaining and quite delightful. And trouble.
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