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We got Ascii...

Well, our new dog, Ascii is finally here with us. We were going to get her last week, but my parents were going out with my aunt and uncle, so they wouldn't be home in the evening and they didn't want me to have the responsibility of trying to settle her in on my own. So my parents went and picked her up this morning.

Within her first half hour here, she'd gone out twice, taken both her bone and Shilling's bone and put them in her crate, stolen two balls of wool from mum's knitting basket and put them in her crate, tried to make off with a third ball but was stopped, knocked over a garbage can and climbed up into my lap and went to sleep. So, she should fit in just fine.

She's very cute, very small and black, black, black. She looks like Puzzle a lot (Puzzle is her great-grandmother), though her face is a bit snubbed and her eyes are a lighter brown. She smiles a lot and is very busy. And apparently likes to steal things.

I promised pictures and I will provide them soonish, but Shilling is camera-phobic and he's a little stressed, so I don't want to stress him out more by getting the camera out. Sandy apparently took some of him and Ascii this morning, so when she e-mails those, I will post them here.
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