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It was inevitable really...

It looks like we'll probably be getting a new dog soonish. The breeder we get our dogs from, Sandy, usually e-mails with a semi-sob story about an older dog that needs a good home. Randy, our second Scottie, had a terrible skin disease and was very sick as a puppy. Puzzle had to have an emergency hysterectomy and couldn't breed anymore. And Shilling was too big to be bred or shown, and was being disruptive to the other dogs in the kennel (probably because he was bored - he's a smart boy). So now we have Esc Key (pronounced, from what I can tell 'as-kee' or 'es-kee', named for the escape button on the keyboard) being offered to us. She's a five-year old black or black brindle Scottie and she's done being bred, so Sandy wants us to take her.

I think Shilling is lonely, and I don't want to wait so long that he gets used to being an only dog and gets snooty when we bring someone new in. He's very energetic and happy and I think he deserves a friend that will play with him. Puzzle was always far too dignified to deign to take much notice of him.

It's not writ in stone yet. Mum's writing back to Sandy and saying she'd like Esc Key and Shilling to meet. Usually when we say we'll come take a look though, we end up bringing the Scottie home that day.
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