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Well, it's half an hour before midnight on New Year's Eve and I'm in my jim-jams, alone, without alcohol (mostly because I don't drink, alcohol is technically available), writing this post. Earlier this evening I watched a marathon of Gareth Malone Goes to Glyndebourne and then Mum and I watched an episode of Little Dorrit. Whoot.

I used some of my Christmas money to buy the DVDs I didn't get for Christmas. Doctor Who Series 5 and Sherlock arrived yesterday and Merlin Series 2 will arrive after it's released on Jan. 18th. I'm a commentary whore, so I'm a little in heaven right now, though all the DW commentaries are in-vision which I find distracting. The video isn't really big enough to see the people speaking and then it blocks part of the screen the whole time. I haven't cracked open Sherlock yet.

No real big New Year's resolutions this year, except that I want to write more. I've had a rough year, health-wise and it's affected my writing output.

Now, I'm off to play My Kingdom for the Princess, if Windows 7 ever lets me install it. Happy New Year all!
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