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Twas the day after Christmas...

And the Bard had had the bun.

Merry belated Christmas for those who celebrate and merry Sunday to those who don't. Hope everyone's holidays were lovely and everyone's regular days were too.

We did a traditional Christmas this year, as 'the kids' (Ama and Adam) decided not to go to her mum's house for Christmas. So mum, dad and I did the usual French-Canadian tortiere thing for Christmas Eve and then the kids came over in the morning and we opened presents and that night we had English Christmas dinner. I have to say, I prefer the thing where we do English Christmas on Christmas Eve and open the presents and then on Christmas day we just chillax and have our tortiere for dinner.

Anyway, lots of great gifts this year. Lots of books, which is good since I was out of reading material and didn't want to buy myself anything new for fear of ruining someone's present. I have the new Jim Butcher short story book, the new 'Richard Castle' book, a new Bathroom Reader and a This Day in History book about Musicals. I also got a cd, some nice clothes, a beautiful scarf from Adam and Ama, some stuff for scrapbooking and a teddy bear with a hand-knitted dress from my mum, with a little Scottie button and a Puzzle-esque face.

I had to do a lot of the cleaning, baking, decorating and wrapping this year, all while suffering from odd dizzy spells, so I'm a little relieved that it's all over, even though it was great. I'm going to rest and relax and watch the Doctor Who Christmas special.
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