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Oh, why not?

So, I was catching up on my Hawaii Five-0 and McGarrett was wearing his dress uniform and my inner geek went 'ooh, find out what his medals are!'. So, um, I did. Below the cut for anyone who might be interested.

(small image is small, apologies)

(bigger image gets bigger with click)
(assembled at USN Ribbon Checker)

Special Warfare Insignia ('SEAL Trident')

Silver Star
Legion of Merit Navy CrossJoint Service Commendation Medal
Navy & Marine Corps Commendation Medal Joint Service Achievement MedalNavy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal
Combat Action Ribbon Navy Presidential Unit CitationJoint Meritorious Unit Award
Navy Unit CommendationFleet Marine Force RibbonNational Defense Service Medal
Armed Forces Expeditionary MedalAfghanistan Campaign MedalIraq Campaign Medal
Global War on Terrorism (Expeditionary)Navy Sea Service Deployment RibbonNavy Arctic Service Ribbon
Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia)Navy Expert Rifleman Medal Navy Expert Pistol Medal

Naval Parachutist badge

NOTES: The bottom three medals I'm not entirely sure on. I can't find a better looking match than the Kuwait Liberation Medal, but if McGarrett is the same age as Alex O'Loughlin, than he only would have been 19ish. It's possible he went soon after he joined the Navy or that McGarrett is older than Alex. The last two are definitely marksman medals, but I can't get a clear enough image of the stripes (which are super tiny and thus blurred on close-up). Those seem like the likeliest candidates.

Also, Navy insignias are far cooler than Air Force ones.

Finally, the Silver Star, Legion of Merit and Navy Cross are out of order, from what I can tell. The order should be Navy Cross, Silver Star, Legion of Merit, but McGarrett is wearing them as Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Navy Cross. Once again, I could be wrong about the order or wrong about what medals they are.

How McGarrett Wears ThemHow They Should Be Worn

(assembled at USN Ribbon Checker)

You can find out what most of the medals mean HERE.
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