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Emily's Eyes

cleolinda is a blogger I've followed on LJ for three or four years now. She writes hilarious posts, as well as Movies in Fifteen Minutes (m15m), a cracktastic, wonderful series of sort of doll fanfiction called The Secret Life of Dolls, as well as recaps for books, movies and tv [HERE]. I'm a big fan of hers and she's a lovely, sweet person who never hesitates to help someone one or pimp something for charity.

Her friend, Emily, is having trouble with her eyes and had surgery on one of them on Thursday. She needs surgery for both, but surgery for each eye costs $4000. Which is due by the end of this month. And it's experimental, so the insurance company won't pay for it. These are surgeries to prevent her from needing corneal transplants in the future.

Fans of Cleo are currently rallying to send her some money to help out. There is an option send money directly to her via Paypal, but there is also an auction going on at foresthouseeyes. It's similar to the fandom auctions done to help Haiti and Pakistan, only there is more than fanfic and icons being offered. People are offering baked goods, crafts, drawing, writing, etc. So, since you don't know her, you might not feel comfortable sending her money directly, but in this case you could get something you might really like and be helping her out too. Or, you might even have something you could auction off yourself.

Currently items include a dishcloth with a TARDIS pattern on it, Wilf's knitted cap, wee Weasley sweaters, a Fourth Doctor's scarf, a small crocheted Cthulhu plushie and more.

Auction Profile Page With Info
An Explanation from Emily

That is all.
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