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I'm Back!

Yes, I have returned from a week of sunniness, swimming and watching of tiny satellite tvs (Lie to Me does not work well on tiny TVs, btw). It was a very good week, apart from Wednesday, when the cottage attempted to kill me.

So, I sleep upstairs and it's really, uber, super, amazingly hot up there. It's fine when the weather is cool, you just open the windows and put a fan on you and you're good to go. But in this massive heat wave, it's not good. I'm not good with heat at all. I have an irrational fear of being overheated. So we put the little air conditioner on in my room, and I dialled it up to 11 7. Though it did go up to 11.

Anyway, it's sort of too cold to go without covers and too hot to have them on. Finally, at about four o'clock on Wednesday morning, I get it to a nice temperature. I turn over in my bed and the top right corner suddenly slumps to the floor with a crack. I get out of bed and I can see the slat is out of place, but I can't get it back in. So I go down and sleep on the couch until 5AM, when my dad gets up with the dogs.

We go upstairs and he puts the bed back in place. I'm very happy, since I did spend a week on the living room couch one year when it was too hot and it wasn't very fun. I head back downstairs and proceed to catch my toe on the step third from the bottom and fall, landing on the hardwood floor. I'm not greviously wounded, but I've scraped my arm on the wall pretty badly and one of my knees is bruised.

I spend most of the day asleep in my parents' room, which is massive and has a huge king-sized bed and a skylight and an overhead fan and kinda of makes me think of what a room on Noah's ark might have looked like.

Around six o'clock pm, dad goes up and makes sure my bed is properly fixed. That's when we find out my air conditioner is giving off this horrible chemical smell. You know how I described the dark magic smell in Child's Play? "It's a metallic, salty-sweet tang, with a touch of black licorice." That's exactly what it smelled like.

So, we moved my stuff over to the other upstairs room, with the not-as-nice-bed and the crappy air conditioner, but by eleven o'clock that night, it's not cool enough to sleep there. So, I set myself up on the couch. My mum fusses around and tries to plug in a lamp for me to read by, which promptly starts smoking, sparking and smelling terrible. Then the blade fell off the little fan we put on the side table to keep me cool. By this time, we're both laughing hysterically, because what can you do?

So, I spent the last three nights on the couch, which is not terribly comfortable, but did it's job.

Now I'm home and I've been on my computer and I'm going to have a bath in my bathtub and sleep in my bed and it will be awesome.

*this may be an exaggeration.
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