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Bon Anniveraire à Moi!

Today was my birthday party! My actual birthday was last Tuesday, but I still wasn't feeling very hot, so we decided to postpone it until today in hopes of giving me more of a chance to recover. We think we've figured out the cause of the headaches (a new medication I was on that had side effects no one bothered to tell me about) and I've stopped taking it and it seems to have helped. But now I'm exhausted.

Anyway, today was party day. Adam and Amalie came over and there was spaghetti and pumpkin cheescake (seperately, not a spaghetti and pumpkin cheesecake). They were both delicious. I got phat loots - a gorgeous, huge jewelry box, lots of books I wanted, thingimies for my embroidery floss and a blinged out new journal with blinged out pens. Adam and Ama gave me Merlin Series 1 and Avatar on DVD. Plus bubbles and the most inadvertently hilarious card I have ever seen.

I hadn't seen Avatar yet (my eyes don't do 3d and no one would go with me to the 2D). We watched that tonight. Thoughts under the cut.

So, it was awesome in the way I fully expected it to be awesome. The CG was unbelievable and the scenery was gorgeous, as was the music. The actors were good and the storyline was epic, and I liked a lot of the dreaming vs. reality themes. What I found lacking was a sort of connection to the world, though. Maybe it's because it wasn't in 3d, but I felt like there was just so much there and I wasn't attached to it at all. I mean, LOTR is another world, with it's own languages and races, but there I felt a real connection with Middle Earth and it's people and it felt like a place that was real and tangible, whereas Pandora felt like a really pretty poster someone had drawn. Like, it was a really nice place to look at, but I have no desire to go there. Which is weird, since that seems to be the opposite reaction most people have had to it. So, it may be the lack of 3d thing, or perhaps overhype or perhaps just that LOTR had so much backstory I knew from the books, whereas I know nothing about Pandora and left feeling like I didn't know much more. Plus, I could predict every single plot element before it happened.

So, it was gorgeous and I want to make icons of it, but I don't feel like I need to write fanfic for it. Does that make sense?

PBS is doing its summer drive, so Mum and I caught Masterpiece Classic tonight after Adam and Ama left, which was David Copperfield with wee Daniel Radcliffe in it. Part one is excellent and I'm looking forward to part two next week.

Great day, great gifts and great food. Hope that bodes well for my 24th year.
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