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Doctor Who Rantage

Space showed both parts of The End of Time tonight and, wow, do I need to rant.

Point form as usual. I cannot promise any sort of coherency.

- First off: I love you David Tennant. You were my first Doctor and I will miss you very much. I will give Matt Smith the benefit of the doubt (and what I saw of him, I didn't instantly hate, so good on him), but I love you so much.

- Second, with rather little importance, but the one thing that really irked me: Martha and Mickey? Um, no? What happened to hottie doctor boy? Did I miss something? And did anyone else find it a bit token shippiness? Or at the very least, bad pair the spares? In other news, Freema's hair is awesome.

- I know some people LOVE Simm's Master and, as he is my only Master, I really can't complain or compare him, but he never really clicked with me as anything other than a wonderful character. But I do have to say, Simm did a fantastic job this time around, especially considering how much time it must have taken to double himself like whoa. I always love a good 'we did this ages ago so this could happen now' ploy, so the whole drums being planted for the express purpose of getting the Time Lords to Earth thing was really great.

- I'm still not entirely sure why the Time Lords needed to come to Earth to ascend, but I don't care. Does that make Daniel Jackson a Time Lord?

- Older Lady guiding Wilf : totally supposed to be Susan, right? Right?

- Bernard Cribbins is spec-tac-u-lar and he and David Tennant once again made me bawl. When I realized the Doctor would die saving Wilf and how perfect that is, I was crying so hard. And the fact that Wilf calls the Doctor 'sir' all the time and the salutes, and the fact that he never actually killed anyone in the war and how he wanted to save the Doctor and...OMG, just be my Gramps already, Wilf!

- I don't usually notice the music, but this episode was wonderful musically. The Ood Theme and the Master Theme and Rose's Theme being played at all the right moments was great, especially the DoctorDonna song over the regeneration.

- Going to see everyone was nice (especially the Bar of Previous Encounters), but here where we have more commercials, it went on WAAY too long. So long we had to cut between Sarah Jane and Rose. It made the whole thing sort of ani-climactic. However, it did give me time to calm down before the actual regeneration.

- Overall, great job, some weak moments, but really kick-ass ending. I salute you David Tennant and Russel T. Davies and wish you both well in your future endeavours. I also look forward to Stephen Moffat taking over with the hope that he will less often make me so sad with ridiculously bleak plot twists. I'm putting you on notice, Moffat!
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