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The Writer They Call Tay
28 April 2016 @ 01:18 pm
Title: Happy Families
Characters: Edwin Jarvis, Peggy Carter, Ana Jarvis, Daniel Sousa, a dog
Rating: G
Warnings/Triggers: none
Spoilers: most of Agent Carter thus far, but nothing terribly specific
Pairings: Ana/Jarvis, Peggy/Sousa
Word Count 4,965
Summary: Peggy is about start a family, while Jarvis is quite happy with the one he's already created.
Author's notes: This was a weird one to write. I can't even remember why I started writing it, but I wrote the whole thing, decided I didn't like it. So I chopped off the second half and wrote an entire different ending, with an entirely different message, and now I like it a lot more. Editing!

I've gone ahead and assumed that Daniel Sousa is who Peggy ended up marrying. I would hope she wouldn't have another heartbreak in her life before finding her husband. This set probably late 40's early 50's? Maybe?

For reference, Hildi looks like this.

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The Writer They Call Tay
26 April 2016 @ 12:28 am
I've been making Agent Carter icons of late, and so looking through a lot of screen caps, and discovered that Howard Stark's lab in LA has arc reactor stained glassed windows:

 photo acarter203_03018.jpeg

I totally missed that watching the show, but it's cute. I love those sorts of details. I've also picked up that Sousa's office has a picture of him doing military stuff (presumably before he was hurt in the war, looks like him standing on a truck with a unit). He's also a Brooklyn Dodgers fan, judging by the logo on the baseball cap in his office.
The Writer They Call Tay
19 April 2016 @ 07:23 pm
Since my flash drive crash, I've been trying to rebuild some of the character development stuff I lost, and I'm going to post it for sake of insurance.

These are all the character memes combined together, for Steve Rogers, and Nora Rogers, from the Super Kids 'verse joonscribble and I have going on.

Steve RogersCollapse )

Nora RogersCollapse )
The Writer They Call Tay
09 April 2016 @ 12:45 am
Quick question on Agent Carter canon, though more of an opinion than anything else:

In Season One, Jarvis says he was 'aide' to a General in Budapest. I assumed that he meant 'aide-de-camp', which is a sort of secretarial position, but I recently saw Jarvis mentioned on TVtropes as a 'batman', and that actually makes a lot more sense (batman was a servant to an officer, in charge of running errands, driving him, taking care of his clothing, digging his foxhole in battle, etc.). Did the AC writers use 'aide' so not to confuse American audiences, who probably would have gone to Bruce Wayne at the use of batman? It just makes more sense to me for him to be a batman, and go into life as a butler (historically, batmans often followed their officers into domestic service), than to be an aide-de-camp, which was a very prestigious position, and then have all the skills to be a butler later on.

Any thoughts?

Also, while I'm here, I said I was going to make some Ana Jarvis icons and I did. If any wants them, please feel free to use. Credit to songstressicons and/or citadel_icons if you'd like, but it's not necessary. Also, I'm trying to get the hang of a new graphics program, so if anyone would like any other Agent Carter icons, I'm happy to make them if you give me a picture or subject.

The Writer They Call Tay
06 April 2016 @ 11:38 am
Title: Love and Enthusiasm
Characters: Ana Jarvis, Tony Stark, Edwin Jarvis, Maria Stark
Rating: PG
Warnings/Triggers: some references to anti-semitism
Spoilers: none
Pairings: Ana/Jarvis
Word Count 5,138
Summary: Ana takes in a wandering Stark, and teaches him how to make challah.
Author's notes: I recently posted 'Character Flaws' AO3, and someone there commented asking for more little!Tony and Ana and Jarvis, and I thought 'I can do that'. So, this is a fluffy Stark Family Adventures fic.

I have never made challah, and I did much research into it, and my understanding is that everyone does it their own way, so I've cobbled together various recipes, techniques and traditions that I found. I hope I have all the meaning and mitzvahs involved correct, my sincere apologies if I've messed anything up.

Tony is approximately three, probably closer to four in this. I've used a mixed of British and American English for Ana, assuming she'd have learned from speakers of both.

I really need an Ana Jarvis icon...

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The Writer They Call Tay
03 April 2016 @ 05:58 pm
Title: The Book Fairy
Characters: Steve, Nora (OC), Victor (OC dog)
Rating: G
Warnings/Triggers: none
Spoilers: none
Pairings: None, sort of
Word Count 4,233
Summary: Steve and his dog make a new friend, and acquire some good books to read.
Author's notes: Hey look, it's a another super AU thing! Last May, joonscribble and I did a bunch of crossover memes that were nothing but trouble, and spiralling out of them came this AU verse of OC children and crossovers and fluffy, fluffy stories. As usual, I started writing in the middle of the 'verse, and have been sharing them with her, but I thought I should eventually write the start, and post it, so other people could follow along if they wanted, and make it easier on myself.

Not sure when exactly this AUs itself, but probably before Ultron. Basic premise is that Bucky has been found, and doing okay, and Steve has retired to Brooklyn to live a more normal life, living near him. joonscribble's meme gave her the pairing of Bucky Barnes, and Elementary's Joan Watson, and their child, Winnie. I gave Steve a child for Winnie to grow up with, and so he needed a partner, and I created one. This is how they meet. Everything else should be somewhat explained in this story. All you need to know is that Steve has a dalmatian named Victor. I think the rest he talks about within the narrative.

As always, apologies for the weirdness of my brain. In this case, it was only partly my fault! joonscribble did nothing to help!

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The Writer They Call Tay
02 April 2016 @ 06:59 pm
Quick health update: I went to the doctor on Wednesday to get the results of my CT scan that I had done in Emerg when I thought I had kidney stones. And I totally had kidney stones, despite what the skeptical ER thought. In fact, I had a 4mm stone and a 2mm stone in my ureter at the time of the CT, which was the day after I went in. And I had hydronephrosis, which is a swelling of the kidney, suggesting that at one point, my ureter was completely obstructed. I'm guessing that was the period of time I felt like my kidney was going to explode. It's also kind of dangerous, so thanks, ER doctor, for not believing me and making me think it was all in my head.

While I've been not well, I've been keeping myself entertained, first with Ancestry.ca's free weekend, which actually led to me buying a month's subscription because I discovered that the stories that my Great-Grandfather had a first wife who left him and was never heard from again were at least partly true! Very exciting stuff. And scandalous: my GGF married the first wife in 1925, and by 1927 my grandfather was born to another woman, so that is a short turn around. Due to the unknown whereabouts of first wife, my GGF and GGM didn't marry for forty years, so scandals all around! And this is not to mention the fact that my GGF was baptized by the priest and listed as being of 'unknown parents'. Now, if I could just figure out how my Great-Great-Grandmother on the other side of the family got to Canada after magically popping up on the 1916 census, I will be quite content. Seriously, Amelia, how did you get here? You sent your son ahead. Then your husband and other two children. I have their boat records. How did you get here?!

The second form of entertainment continues to be Avengers Academy on my iPad. It's really getting fun now. Here are a few screen caps of my favourite things (click and they get bigger)

IMG_0456.jpg IMG_0453.jpg IMG_0451.jpg IMG_0448.jpg
IMG_0443.jpg IMG_0442.jpg IMG_0436.jpg

In order, left to right:
1. Pepper (in her Rescue armor) literally putting out Tony's fires.
2. A statue of Howard Stark.
3. Steve 'bringing back' the Charleston.
4. Pepper looking at files. On the roof. Because she can fly now.
5. Tony testing out his hoverboard.
6. Steve practicing ricochet angles, while Sam, Natasha and Janet dance, and Loki broods at the bar.
7. Tony working with JARVIS.
The Writer They Call Tay
23 March 2016 @ 01:44 pm
Title: Camp Sludge
Characters: Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, Steve Rogers, the 69th (Howling Commandos)
Rating: PG
Warnings/Triggers: In a war setting, but no violence or upsetting things involved
Spoilers: none
Pairings: Peggy/Steve UST, Falsworth/Random lady I made up
Word Count 5,016
Summary: On an escort trip home from a mission, Peggy and Howard experience the joys of field life, including bad food, tents, and friendship around the fire.
Author's notes: I was messing around with a prompt generator the other day, and it gave me 'friendship, rabbit, stew' for the prompts. And it was oddly totally relevant to a section of a super epic 'Peggy and Howard Have War Adventures with Steve and the 69th' story I'd been fighting with and eventually abandoned and hacked apart to pare down to something simpler. And it occurred to me I could take parts of that story and write a few smaller fics, and so this is one of them, with the themes of 'friendship, rabbit, stew'.

I've done my best to get all the Commandos to do something here, but there are a lot of them and some are more fleshed out than others, so a few do dominate the actions here. Also, Falsworth's sweetheart is entirely from my head. I mentioned her once in a throwaway and decided she was needed again here, and expanded on it. Some of Falsworth's backstory is from the comics.

Set during The First Avenger, but other than that, no idea when.

She hoped Howard would make it through the night without someone smothering him.Collapse )
The Writer They Call Tay
21 March 2016 @ 07:37 pm
Because memes make everything better!

I actually did these last year, before we met the canon!Ana Jarvis, so I wanted to modify them again now that we have met her.

I keep meaning to reorganize these questions to have the order make more sense, but it's too hard on my iPad, so for now they will remain haphazard. My iPad is also the reason for any weirdness in formatting or autocorrect. There is only so long I am willing to fight about a misplaced capital before I say 'you win, iPad'.

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The Writer They Call Tay
20 March 2016 @ 09:42 pm
I seem to be posting a lot of 'woe is me' entries of late, but seriously, woe is me. After having another few bouts of kidney stones, I finally lost it on Wednesday and went to the doctor because I was concerned about an infection or obstruction, and she was too, as she sent me on to Emergency because kidney infections are no joke. And I sat there for two hours and then had a doctor come in and be like 'go home, we'll do a CAT scan tomorrow, there's probably nothing wrong with you'. Which is rude, but was better than the sitting-in-Emerg-all night scenario that I was envisioning. Anyway, I went home and had the CT scan done the next day, and I assume whatever they found on there is not life-threatening, because my doctor asked to see me for an appointment 'within the month', which is on the 28th. And the kidney stone pain seems to have gone.

Except somewhere in the midst of either passing the stone or perhaps lying on the bed in Emerg, I've strained my back and now am having intermittent back spasms, and between the kidney stones, the abscessed tooth, and the back spasms, 2016 can go fuck itself.

On the bright side, my Mac computer came with a 'magic keyboard' that pairs with my iPad via Bluetooths, so I can continue to write while sitting in a more comfortable chair than my computer one. And I am writing quite a lot because for some reason when I don't feel well, I start to write like crazy. And Mum and I have been working our way through the first season of Poirot on Netflix, which neither of us have seen, and that's a nice distraction.

But on the whole, woe is me.